2014 & 2018
C. Omputer


Logographer is a program to generate individual characters that represent entire words, as well as a touch input prototype, based on the emerging writing system.

Create a logogram (requires JavaScript)

Image of english pangram using generated logograms.

"Logographer" converts writing from the Latin alpabet to a QWERTY based logography.

Typing a word draws lines between its consecutive letters, based on their virtual position on a QWERTY keyboard. These lines form a single character that represents the word as a so-called logogram. Some of the resulting logograms with e.g. alliterations are not fully definable, unless they are written in a contextual sentence.

Picture of using logographic text input on a smartphone from first person perspective.

Logographer is inspired by the swipe gestures used to write words on touchscreen "swipe-keyboards". People who use them frequently build up muscle memory, correlating the word that they have in mind directly with the gesture to write it. This lead to a first protoype, based on an image classifier that's trained on variations of 'logographically' written 'hello world' phrases - creating a qwerty-free swipe keyboard.